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Generative AI is one of the biggest recent advancements in artificial intelligence technology because of its ability to create something new. It opens the door to an entire world of possibilities for human-computer creativity, cooperation and collaboration.

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A benchmark collection for sentence-based image description and search, consisting of 8,000 images that are each paired with five different captions which provide clear descriptions of the salient entities and events. … The images were chosen from six different Flickr groups, and tend not to contain any well-known people or locations, but were manually selected to depict a variety of scenes and situations.

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CelebFaces Attributes Dataset (CelebA) is a large-scale face attributes dataset with more than 200K celebrity images, each with 40 attribute annotations. The images in this dataset cover large pose variations and background clutter. CelebA has large diversities, large quantities, and rich annotations.

Updated: 11 months ago