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Practical ML Dives

Every Wednesday we host a "Practical ML Dives" where we implement the models we read about in the papers. This is a great way to cement the concepts in our brains, and spark ideas of what we can practically build with the technology as it stands today.

Practical ML Dives is meant to be a compliment to the paper deep dives. We will be taking the models we read about on Fridays, and implementing them in live running code on Wednesdays.

Practical ML Dive - Building RAG from Open Source Pt 1
Jan 6, 2024

RAG was introduced by the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) team in May of 2020 as an end-to-end way to include document search into a sequence-to-sequence neural network architecture. What is RAG? For those of you who missed it, we covered the RAG pape...

Practical ML Dive - How to train Mamba for Question Answering
Dec 21, 2023

What is Mamba 🐍? There is a lot of hype about Mamba being a fast alternative to the Transformer architecture. The paper released in December of 2023 claims 5x faster throughput when compared to Transformers and scales linearly with the length of th...